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10 tips for finding a great apartment

September 28th, 2022

1.Basic Decisions

The next step is Apartments 101. Set a budget for your apartment. Select the unit type for your apartment. Gather information the apartment management will require when you complete an application. They will want information on where you have lived,Guest Posting contact information for the landlord, where you work, how much you make, how long you’ve been there and a phone number.

2.Online Search Service

Find a quality online apartment search service. Only use a service which has information on all apartments in the metropolitan area. Some online apartment services only have information on 10 to 15% of the apartments in a city.

3.Limit Options

The online apartment service can help you limit the number of options to between five and 20 depending on how much time you have to review options. The more options you review, the better your chance of finding your ideal apartment.

4.Is it looks too good to be true…

WOW! — an apartment has no application fee, no deposit, $0 first months rent and it’s in the area I like! Be very careful of apartments offering deals this aggressive. In many cases, their resident profile is rough compared to other properties in the area.

Katy Texas Apartments, A Great Place to Live

March 24th, 2022

Did you know Katy is named for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (commonly referred to as the “K-T Railroad”) that ran through Katy in the 19th century and also that Katy was once known as Cane Island? If you did not then you probably have to learn a lot more about this exciting city. It may look really small compared to Houston, but it amazes me to see the energy packed in this small city. After all, good things come in small packages!

Now why should you move to Katy? Let me tell you something about this area where I have now lived for ten years! The first thing that attracted my Dad when we moved here ten years ago was the “schools” and Katy is still living up to that image. The Katy ISD school district, Houston Community College System and University of Houston System at Cinco Ranch just begin to prove what I wanted to say. And not to forget our Harris County Public Library (HCPL) at Franz Road.

So you must have guessed by now that I am in love with Katy. And why shouldn’t I? It has a low cost of living, low crime rate, low property taxes at just 3%, Katy Farmers Market at LaCenterra, an abundance of parks, Forbidden Gardens, Katy Ruff Riders Indoor arena football team, the Drewberry Farm and Rice Harvest Festival. Hence, it attracts huge numbers of families and students. Many Downtown, Inner Loop, and Galleria employees commute from Katy and with the HOV lane, now the commuting time is merely 20 minutes.

Now after Katy, my second love is real estate and food! Let’s talk about food first. Downtown Katy has the greatest places to eat. My favorites are Sheesh Kabob Café and Wild Wing Café. Now about Real Estate as that is my forte. There is North Katy and South Katy. In North Katy you will find older communities and the town. South Katy is known for master planned communities and this is where you will find the Katy Mills mall. Houses in Cinco Ranch, Kelliwood are more elite and have higher values. However, for beginners looking out to rent, Katy Texas Apartments are the place you want to be. They are newly built luxury apartments, not super expensive, located in a good school district, peaceful and calm atmosphere and are in close proximity to your work (Downtown). So if you are looking for a place to move to…..Katy is that Place!